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How to Create a Better Marriage by Talking Through Sensitive Issues Successfully

By the end of this Talk To Me 101 eCourse, you will have learned three things:

  • 1

    How To Really Understand Your Spouse

    Feel like you're constantly misunderstanding each other? No matter how much you pay attention, you just seem to not "get it"? It's not your fault. Communication is the #1 problem in marriages today.

  • 2

    How to Stop Avoiding and Start Talking

    Overcome your fear of 'hot' topics, learn how to manage and express your emotions safely, and reach new levels of intimacy. I'll give you a proven model for understanding each other, no matter how confused you may feel.

  • 3

    How To Navigate Tough Topics Successfully

    Tackle sensitive subjects with confidence knowing that you have the tools you need to guide the conversation towards a positive outcome for both of you. You'll be able to start using these new skills TODAY.

Talk To Me 101 really helped me understand myself and my husband more deeply. It has taken a whole lot of stress out of our disagreements, and I still think about the lessons learned, even months later, as we talk through things.


Start Connecting Today

Imagine what it would be like to have life's challenges become opportunities to draw closer as a couple. Whether it's about finances, the kids, sex, or work-life balance: these cause friction and leave you feeling lonely and isolated. After you purchase Talk To Me 101, getting started towards a better marriage is straightforward:

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    Print the Workbook

    Your step-by-step guide to learning, practicing and implementing what you hear in the video lessons. The workbook will help reinforce important principles and solidify your understanding of key concepts.

  • 2

    Do the Lessons

    I'll help you discover what is happening beneath the surface when communicating. Solve problems together. Deepen your intimacy.

  • 3

    Get the Bonus Material

    I’ve curated the best resources to help extend the benefits of what you learn in Talk To Me 101 to your entire marriage.

  • 4

    Enjoy Better Communication In Your Marriage!

    With new understanding and skills, you'll be able to deal with issues before they become problems, and enjoy productive, intimate discussions with one another!

Meet Your Instructor:

Hi! I have found, over the years, that with the right tools, people can create great marriages!

Whether it has been helping other marriages as a therapist or growing in my own marriage, I've come to learn there are essential communications skills that we all need. And we're rarely taught them in our families, schools or faith communities.

I decided to do something about that. Something that would give couples the tools they need long before (or, when!) they ever got to that severely distressed place, and long before (or, when!) they were ever at risk of divorce.

Talk To Me 101 was born out of this.

From the comfort of your own home, you and your spouse can develop the skills you need to create a marriage that you'll love today, and treasure for a lifetime.

I look forward to seeing you inside Talk To Me 101!

Take care,


Caleb Simonyi-Gindele, MAMFT, RCC

Caleb is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who helps couples around the world through his podcast and website at OnlyYouForever.com. He is married to Verlynda, has three delightful daughters and one dandy dog.

Here's What You Get

  • Unlock Deeper Understanding

    In Module 1, I reveal a therapists-only framework for understanding what is going on in your spouse’s inner world. It’s framed in language that makes sense to you (no psycho-babble). I include step-by-step exercises and provide the exact questions to ask your spouse. I conclude with a case study to demo how you can do this in your marriage.

  • Core Skills

    Module 2 is about skillz. I got skillz. You learn them. Then you got skillz. Built on the foundation laid in the first module, these skills are essential to the in-the-moment practice of communicating with each other. They are practical, real-world tools that will help you start your important discussions off on the right foot, keep them on track, and keep you connected without having to give up what’s important to you.

  • Best (& Worst!) Practices

    In the final module I uncover the critical, must-have concepts for effective marriage communications. These are overarching principles that have a daily impact on how you’re getting along. In fact, they are so critical that the research has shown if you don’t ensure that four of the principles are completely removed from your communication, you have an 80% chance of divorcing.

  • 15 HD Video Lessons

    The videos are not an overwhelming length — they are 8-12 minutes long but–if you’ve listened to our podcast–you know I don’t mince words so they are packed with research-backed teaching!

  • Printable Workbook

    Also included is a 23-page printable workbook. It helps you to absorb and process each video’s main points. If your learning style includes writing, you’ll find this especially useful to capture key takeaways and action items.

  • Bonus Resources

    I point you to a list of my favourite marriage books on Amazon.com. Highly recommended reading if you want to work on specific areas of your marriage.

  • Exclusive Offer

    As a policy, I never discount my counselling services. However, if you buy this course you will have an exclusive offer to purchase counselling with me at over 50% off my normal rate. This one-hour session is a superb way to help you deal with a specific issue that you might be stuck on or to get psychoeducational training that it focused on the precise needs of your marriage. I do not offer this anywhere else: only inside TTM101!

And you can get access to all this today for just one payment of $97.

That's correct. For the price of your cell phone bill for a month, you can start communicating more effectively and efficiently with your wife or husband.

Think of how one more brick is added to that wall between you and your spouse every time you miscommunicate. I hear about it all the time in my counselling practice and when I do, I'm usually helping the couple try to recover from an affair. Because that wall has been built high and built solid and it's just a matter of time before one spouse opens a window, then a door, to another relationship.

This doesn't have to be you.

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